Hop Harvest

Join us August 27th for our annual Hop Harvest Party on the patio at the Hawthorne Pub. The picking starts at 4 p.m. We will have the usual BBQ fired up for those that help us pick hops for our fresh hop beer, "The Mutt".

Call Ben at the Quimby Brewery (503-517-4352) if you need to make hop drop-off arrangements.


Konigs Kolsch

Today we are re-re-re releasing Konigs Kolsch, a top-fermented beer named after the German style ale brewed only in Cologne (technically it has to be brewed in Cologne, but pretty much everyone breaks the rules these days). It has a straw color, a malty golden flavor, a prominent Hallertauer hop finish, and comes in at 4.9% abv. In Cologne, Kolsch is served in small, .25 liter, tall narrow glasses and servers have round trays with holes holding about 15 glasses. Servers roam the Bierhaus, exchanging empties for fulls, and marking customer's coasters to keep track of tabs.


Why Clean Tap Lines Matter

Ever wonder why the same beer you order in one establishment tastes different than another? It is most likely the condition of the tap lines. It's sad that craft brewers work so hard rolling out their artisan product only to have the end consumer disappointed in their product because the beer is running through old, nasty tap lines.


600 Bottles of Winterdog

For the first time ever, Lucky Lab brew is available in stores. We’re bottling and selling our premium Winterdog beer, a seasonal beer for people who want a winter companion—and it’s only available in select Portland stores for a limited run.