It's that time of year's our 21st Anniversary, time to wash some dogs, and raise some money for the Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital.

This year’s Dogtoberfest is on Sunday, September 27th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. — so bring your pooch down to get clean while you get to hang out and have a pint, enjoy some tunes, and help out a good cause. Click for more info on Dove Lewis and Dogtoberfest


Dogs’ Days of Summer

Join us Sunday, August 30th from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. for the Wiener Takes All Dog Race benefiting Oregon Dachshund Rescue. Soon after we will be hosting the Pug of War from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m..  We are teaming up with the Portland Mercury for these family friendly K-9 Races.
Please visit the Facebook Event Page for the contestant registration details:

Dogs' Days of Summer

Chopper IPA2 2015-07-16 15.25.17Chopper IPA

CHOPPER IPA – Gluten Reduced!

We are proud to release the Lab's first "Gluten reduced" beer, Chopper IPA.  Laboratory tests show that the beer has less than 10 parts per million(ppm) which is less than the FDA's 20 ppm tolerance for gluten free food.  But, we cannot call it, "gluten free" because the feds in charge of alcohol won't let us.  How'd we do it?  We add an enzyme during the fermentation process, isolating the gluten protein and "chops" it into bits.  We then filter out those bits prior to conditioning so they don't end up in your pint glass.  This IPA is based upon our existing Triple Treat IPA.

It is a common myth that gluten intolerant people cannot tolerate any level of gluten.  According to, "researchers agree that most people with celiac disease can safely tolerate up to 20 ppm of gluten."

So, come on in and give it a try.  Regardless of the gluten level, we think it's a great beer.

Fest2 Fest

18th Annual Barleywine and Big Beer Tastival

Come join us for the the 18th Tastival at the Qimby Beerhall Friday, March 6th and Saturday, March 7th, from noon to 10 p.m.

We have over 50 beers so far!  We will have about 25 on tap at any one time and we will rotate through as the event progresses.

An event glass and four tasting tokens are just $15 and extra tickets are $2.00 each

Did you know the first barley wines were actually Greek?  Well, sort of.  According to Wikipedia, the Ancient Greeks brewed krithinos oinos (barley wine), although hops were not used until Bass made the first modern beer sold as a barley wine in 1870.  Here in America the first modern barley wine did not come around until Anchor brewed Old Foghorn in 1976. In the late eighties BridgePort fired out the #1 bottling of Old Knucklehead here in Portland.  Here at the Lucky Lab we have brewed Ol’ Yeller since 1998.  At this year’s Tastival we will have a vertical tasting of four year’s worth of Ol’ Yeller plus the Son of Ol’ Yeller.


20th-anniversary 20th Anniversary20th Anniversary B

20th Anniversary

Yep, we made it!  That's 140 dog years.  It all started back in 1994 in a former roofing company warehouse.  After five months of grueling remodeling we open the original Lucky Labrador on Southeast Hawthorne and what was to become, as some say, an icon of Portland.


20th Annual Dogtoberfest Dogwash

What a long time it's been.  Back in 1995 at the inaugural Dogtoberfest there was already a line when we opened and by the end of the afternoon, we (just Alex and Gary) had washed 60 dogs.

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Tour de Lab 2014

Are you a big dog or just a puppy?  Join us this Sunday, Sept. 7th for the Tour de Lab bike event.  Register here:


Wiener Dog

Wiener Dog Race 2014!

Join us this Sunday, August 24th for the First Annual Wiener Dog Race benefiting Oregon Dachshund Rescue. We are teaming up with the Portland Mercury for a family friendly Wiener Dog Race, where the top WIENER takes all!
Hop Girl IMG_7743

Hop Harvest 2014

Join us Tuesday, August 26th at the Hawthorne Brew Pub for our Tenth Annual Hop Harvest Party.  A bunch of us get together, pick hops, drink beer, and nibble on some crazy-good hop infused chicken wings.


The Mutt is Here!

It's out! The Mutt will be served starting today, while supplies last, at all four pubs. Using Cascade hops grown at the Hawthorne Pub along with several mysterious hops varieties grown by our hop enthusiast friends, we used 250 pounds this year in one seven barrel batch! Our kettle, doubling as a jam-packed hop back, was full of the mongrel menagerie of humulus lupulus.